distelvlinderThe lavender blooms and on the little flower buds I see a nice butterfly. It is summertime in my garden and I am enjoying the colors and the fragrance of the flowers.

There is not yet much to do in the forest garden, because there is still no fruit tree planted. A lot of the enthusiastic people we met at the workshops is doing something else. But we are still on track although it will take a lot of time before the forest garden is realized. Meanwhile we organize some activities to keep the folk happy. The plan is almost finished and in the autumn the great works will start. At least we hope so. The flower meadow is now in bloom, the bees will be happy. Alice



The train iweide to de arks  driving slowly, we are on track. The first real steps are done. But there is a lot to be done with very little help. The transition to a perma-culture mini forest is more difficult than we thought.  We had some workshops to prepare us on the work that lies a head, but it is not enough. We miss a practical kind of view. We miss a man or woman with practical ideas, how to go on, a field manager or someone like that.

The first steps were a flower meadow for the bees. A hive will be placed in one of the meadows and bees will work in the fruittrees. In the meadow there will be many flowers.  But the weather is warm and dry and we hope that will not effect the sprouting of the flowers. For the meadow we mixed some annuals and perennials that love to grow on the very heavy clay of our forest-park.



appelbloesemIt is cold and raining, but the apple-tree is full in blossom. It is a pity I can’t enjoy the flowers in the garden itself. But I made a nice picture of the first flowers. I hope the tree will still have apples in the autumn, despite the weather of this cold april. We had al kinds of nasty and cold weather and even frost in the nights and that is not good for blossoms. But the bees were active and I hope the wheater isn’t so damaging as forcast. Alice

The sun isspring2 shining today and all bulbs in the garden are flowering. It is a festival of colors and green. The birds are still feeding on my bird-feeder, but i have seen a tit with fluffy stuff in her beak. It is time to make the garden spring proof. All old stuff has to be cut away to expose the new greens and bulbs.  I hope you enjoy the spring as much as I do. Alice

Winter iswinter here and it is a quiet time. I am not in a mood to write much.

The food forest project is still on its way. We have now several schemes for the project. There is a scheme in which most of the trees of the park are replaced with fruit and nut-trees, there is a scheme in which fruittrees are implemented in the existing park and there is a scheme with zones in which some place will be wild and others cultivated. Soon we will discuss these plans with the group and make a decision. Meanwhile the whole operation is shifted to a later date. Groundwork is due to the autumn and the harvesting and replacing of trees still later. It is frustrating not to begin yet, but it also gives us time to make a good plan. (photo: my son)


It is december and celebration time. So we baked some cakes and decorated the house, made presents for each other, wrote some cards and shopped for a lot of food. It is the busiest timeananastaart of the year, I think.

Also it is winter time, trees are bald, leaves are fallen and the landscape is barren. Forest gardening has come to a standstill. But plans are made and in January we will discuss the plans and make a planning. Maybe we can plant this year some nice fruit trees and shrubs. It would be lovely to see them grow.

I am also closing my Art journal. Some months I didn’t draw or glued a page, some months I made every day a page. I hope to start in the new year with a fresh journal and make some nice entries in the year to come, for now I am closing the old journal and tear the empty AJ _watercolor1pages down. I have found also some nice new pencils, stamps and paper material that will inspire me in the year to come.

I hope everybody has a fine celebration time. I see you in the new year, Alice

aj-birdieJust a fun contribution to my Art Journal. A nice bird drawing with fineliner and colour pencil. I have made some edges with flower tape. Alice


aj-mushroomsAutumn is the time of year in which we see many Mushrooms and Toadstools in parks and forest. It gave me some inspiration to draw a few of these magic beings myself and make some entries in my Art Journal. I made some fantasy drawings with my new fineliners and glued them on green paper with some thick glue. I hope you like my mushroom drawings. Alice

The last workshop was all about making a plan  around our food forest. Eacbomenh of us was asked to do beforehand some homework and to take a piece of the forest and transform it to a nice permaculture place.

The instructor presented a big map of our forest and indicated the most suitable zones for permaculture in the park and how we could develop some parts of the plan. We all were discussing what other forgotten things were necessary in the plan.

The remaining time of the workshop we had some theory, among other things about chickens and how to use them in a permaculture setting.

At home my thoughts went over the presented map and I was surprised none of the things we made, where in the plan. but there was still a workshop to go, so I didn’t worried about it. Alice

All around us the leaves are falling and this inspired me to make 2 pages in my Art-Journal. The background is some nice paper with little flowers. A few leaves are glued with thick glue, so the are more prominent than the other leaves. The patterns in the leaves are made with colored fineliners. The two pages are opposite each other zo the leaves are falling from the center of the book. Aliceaj-autumn1 aj-autumn2